Reinforce your parking rules and easily mark permit areas.

Our parking lot permit and signage messages help you point out consequences (like towing) to increase compliance. Private property towing is our specialty. We have the permits, the paint and the programs to keep your community looking sharp and your parking in compliance. 

Residential Signage

Commercial Signage

Residential permits and signage

Permits allow guests to park their non-commercial vehicles near the resident’s home. Requiring permits is a great security measure for your property, and can help limit the number of vehicles on your property as well.

Clear parking lot signage is also extremely important for your residential property. It is always in your best interest to make sure that potential residents, current residents and visitors know where to park so they an avoid being towed. In the event someone is towed for violating parking assignments, or not using the correct permits, signage also provides a place for your towing companies contact information to be placed so the owner can make contact directly.

Commercial permits and signage

Owners and operators of parking lots bear the responsibility for making sure that the facility is properly marked and regularly maintained for safe operation. A well-planned system of parking signs and street signs can reduce the risk of personal injury or property damage among those who enter the lot and lessen the chance that an owner or operator might be held liable if an incident occurs.

To become compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), you must reserve parking spots for disabled visitors. Designed to Federal Highway Administration standards, ADA-compliant handicap parking signs indicate to drivers the location of these reserved parking spaces.

Parking permits are one of the most effective forms of parking lot, parking area and private roadside parking control. Parking permits allow only authorized vehicles access and can alert managers and other supervisors to all unauthorized vehicles. We can provide permits in a wide variety of standard options with standard legends, numbering and colors. 

At Dominion Wrecker, we can create a parking and towing plan with you, and help you enforce it with proper parking lot signage and parking permits.

Parking Lot Maintenance

While you may just think of us as a towing company, don’t stop there. We’re experts in parking. We know how many handicap spots your lot should have, we can see where you can squeeze in a few more spaces and we definitely know how wide the driveway needs to be for a fire/emergency access. We also see your property when you probably don’t – i.e. after hours.

For the rest of your parking lot maintenance needs, visit our sister company, ATS Services to learn about additional upgrades and maintenance we can provide.