Impound Fees

Impound Fees – Prince William County

All impound (non-Consensual) towing fees are County regulated and are paid by the vehicle owner/person picking up the vehicle.

Impound fees range based on the weight of the vehicle and day and time of tow as follows:

Base Fee

  • $150 – 10,000 Pounds or Less
  • $250 – 10,001-26,000 Pounds
  • $475 – 26,001 Pounds or More

Virginia Fuel Surcharge

  • Add $20 to all tows regardless of size

Ancillary Fees

In addition to the Base Fee and Fuel Surcharge add any two (2) of the following that apply:

  • Add $30 if towed after hours (7pm to 8am)
  • Add $30 if towed Saturday or Sunday
  • Add $30 if towed on a holiday

Combination Fee

  • Add $50 – Added for all vehicles on the ground when the vehicle is towed (example truck and trailer)

Storage Fee

  • $50 per day after the 1st 24 hours/per vehicle on the ground when towed

Administration Fee

  • $50 after 3 days from tow date/time
**All fees are subject to change at any time and without prior warning**